Why choose Locke's?

Locke's Roofing & Siding, Inc is a locally owned company. Our employees live in the are and may even be your neighbor. Quality and service come first in our work. We want you to be as happy and proud of the appearance of your home, just the same as we are happy and proud of the work we do. Give us a call or stop by and ask us about the many options that are available to improve the quality and appearance of your home. We can do everything from a small roof on a house or barn to a large commercial buildings. You will get high quality products for your home along with great service from all of our crew members and staff.

Shingle Roofs

All of our shingle roof work is done with the Owens Corning TRU DEFF Duration shingles. These shingles are an architectural shingle, with a limited lifetime warranty, that will give your house that amazing look for many years! To assist in the life of your roof, we use a synthetic underlayment, rather than the felt paper or tar paper, that helps prevent moisture and damage to the structure of your roof. I f that's not enough protection for the roof of your home, there are options to cover damages to your roof with a Tru Protection period of 10 years and up to 50 years. Most of the shingle roof projects are completed in about one day.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are no longer just for country barns. Many people have discovered a love for the sleek and smooth look that a metal roof can provide. There are a few different options when it comes to a metal roof. The metal shakes and shingles, Pro- Rib style, or the smooth look of a Pro-Snap Hidden Fastener metal roof are all options that are available for home owners. There metal roofs don't just look nice, but they also help with energy savings.

Conklin Roofs

Roof types vary as much as people do. Not everyone wants a metal or shingle roof. For our customers that have flat roofs we offer our Conclin products. Conclin roofing is a modern day replacement to the older style tar roofs. This product is not only for residential customers but will work for the local commercial building needs as well. Our commercial customers can be assured that they will get the same quality and workmanship as our residential customers as well as great products. The Conklin Roofing Systems line up are exactly how we provide those products.

Rubber Roofs

Rubber roofing is another example of an alternative to the flat, tar roofing. In most cases this style of roof can be done completely seamless. The rubber roof can be applied to a flat roof or even some low pitch roof styles. A rubber roof is just another style of roof that we do so we can fill the needs of our customers.


A new roof will make your house look great, but we want your home to look amazing! We can help you achieve that amazing look by adding new Mastic Home Exteriors Ovation siding to your home. With a variety of colors to choose from, you are sure to find something that fits your style!